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Circledating com

Funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Norfolk County Council has been provided for the Seahenge Gallery project at the Lynn Museum which will house the timber, displayed in its original formation.It comes like clockwork: the sudden onslaught of proclamations to ‘embrace your singlehood’ that arrive every February, conveniently, right around Valentine’s Day.But banish any thoughts of awkward mixers — you know the type; where the men stand one side of the room staring into the bottoms of their glasses, while the women stand on the other, pretending to be nonchalant — The Inner Circle cleverly placed food at the centre of this events.Though billed as a three course meal, the Italian-themed spread was more of a feast.The site's excavation was initially halted by protests by a group of about 12 Druids and environmental campaigners who said the sea had cared for the site for 4,000 years and would continue to do so.But researchers said the exposed wood was deteriorating fast.'Remains mysterious' Archaeologists at the Bronze Age Centre, believe between 50 and 80 people may have helped build the circle, possibly to mark the death of an important individual.Seahenge became exposed at low tides after the peat dune covering it was swept away by winter storms.

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Antipasti included burrata with mint pesto, cured tomatoes, smoked aubergine, confit onions, and rye crisp and mushroom and asparagus arancini with truffle and porcini mayonnaise, while a stodgy egg tagliatelle with spiced duck ragu was served as a starter, followed by belly porchetta with caponata, pickled baby vegetables, sultanas, capers, and pine nuts for the main course.

It was all finished off with a trio of desserts that included pine nut caramel tart with marsala raisins.

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